Services – Industrial Strength Power Spraying in Springfield Missouri


Services - Industrial Strength Power Spraying in Springfield Missouri

When you need an effective and dependable dustless media blasting service in the greater Ozarks area, Dog Gone Blasting will be there to make sure that all your blasting needs are met. We bring our equipment on-site to your location. No need to pack up or haul items to us. Being mobile gives us less overhead and allows us to pass on the savings to our customers, while providing excellent customer service.

Our Services are divided into two main categories:

Residential Services

Automotive - Paint Removal, Rust Removal, Body Filler Removal, Grease and Grime

Marine - Bottom Paint, Running Gear

Wood - Removes Paint, Epoxy, Lacquer, Shellac, Varnish, Wax, Polyurethane

Restoration - Antiques, Monuments, Statues, Log Cabins, Lawn Furniture

Commercial Services

Realtors - Virtually any surface imaginable

Fleet Vehicles - Paint Removal, Decal Removal

Municipal - Graffiti, Strip Removal, Fire Hydrants, Streetlight and Railings, Playgrounds

Industrial - Coatings Removal, Corrosion Control, Piping, Valves, Mechanical and Hydraulic Machinery

At Dog Gone Blasting, we pride ourselves on providing industrial strength power spraying in Springfield Missouri at a reasonable price, while being environmentally safe. A typical mobile dustless blasting service experience will consist of three main components:


When arriving at your location, our Dog Gone Blasting representative will meet with the customer to discuss the project. Once there is an agreement on the scope and the cost of the project, site preparation work will begin. Areas to be protected will be covered with drop cloths. The surface to be stripped will be carefully reviewed to insure it has been properly prepared.


Once the surface to be treated has been properly prepared, compressed water and media will begin the stripping process. In most cases, recycled bottle glass is the media of choice. If the surface being blasted is metal, then a rust inhibitor will be added to the water. This can provide up to 72 hours of rust resistance in ideal conditions, but we recommend that you prime as soon as possible. The blast pot for our dustless blasting machine allows for about an hours worth of stripping before needing to be refilled. This process will continue until the surface is completely cleaned.


Some customers do their own cleanup in order to save costs. If there is a need to clean up the used media, it will be rolled into the drop clothes and disposed of as needed.

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