Residential Customers – Dustless Sandblasting in Springfield Missouri

Residential Customers

Residential Customers - Dustless Sandblasting in Springfield Missouri

Traditional sandblasting is messy and outdated. Dustless media blasting is the safer and more effective method for surface preparation. Dog Gone Blasting is not a traditional sandblasting service. Our dustless sandblasting in Springfield Missouri employs the latest in wet blasting technology which uses water mixed with recycled bottle glass.

Traditional sandblasting can be hazardous to your health because of the silica content in the sand. We use recycled bottle glass as our blast media. Recycled bottle glass has a reputation as being a very safe, clean and environmentally friendly blast media. It is also helpful to our landfills to keep these glass bottles from becoming unnecessary waste. Recycled bottle glass feels and looks just like sand, but without the harmful elements.

The sky’s the limit with our Dog Gone Mobile Dustless Blasting system. The compressor goes on. The water starts pumping. Our glass media goes into the hopper. And we're ready to pull the trigger and start blasting the most efficient and economical method of surface preparation. We love a good challenge, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a problem to see if we're the right solution.

Our most popular residential services include Automotive, Marine, Wood and Restoration. If there's anything else you ever need help with, just ask.

Whether its removing old oxidized paint that’s been baked on for years, rust that just seems like it’s never going to come off or just cleaning up and refreshing an old surface that’s taken a beating over the years, we can help. It is rewarding to have the ability to refresh a once ruined surface without breaking the bank for our clients and helping out Mother Nature at the same time.

Dog Gone Blasting prides ourselves on honesty and integrity and we will always give you an honest assessment of your situation.

When the problem is too large for our clients to take care of themselves, your best choice is to let Dog Gone Blasting make those problems go away. We believe in fixing your problem for you, without breaking your bank account. You can always trust the professional assessments given by Dog Gone Blasting to treat every situation as if it were our own. Our superior technology and our commitment to customer service are what makes us different.


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