Realtors – High Pressured Power Washer in Springfield Missouri


Realtors - High Pressured Power Washer in Springfield Missouri

In a competitive housing market, the best Realtors are a great resource for recommending companies that can help clients sell their homes faster. Dog Gone Blasting can make an older home look brand new without breaking the bank. Wood, brick, rock, tile and many other surfaces can be professionally preserved to their original beauty. Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of selling a home and getting top dollar.

Mobile blasting is versatile with a wide variety of uses. The previously thought to be unsalvageable can now be salvaged. Things that seem too far gone to bother with can be made to look new with less effort than ever before. Give new life to any living room with a fireplace facelift. Whether it's brick, cinder block, stone or concrete, mobile blasting can be used safely and effectively.

Our system works by creating a wet abrasive media inside the blast pot. The wet abrasive will not become a cloud of dust as the old dry sand blasting does when used. Our recycled bottle glass media that is used has no free silica, the leading cause of silicosis, so it is safe for anyone working inside the home. This way you never sacrifice productivity.

Our recycled glass media is eco-friendly. It will not harm grass or plants around the home. The abrasive will settle on the ground beneath or very near to whatever is being blasted. If you’re in an area where the media needs to be disposed of, we can spread out some plastic sheeting before blasting begins and simply roll it up after blasting.

Anything that needs to have rust or paint removed, cleaned or restored like antiques, revitalizing lawn furniture, making statues look more statuesque, making monuments look more monumental and making old things look new. That’s what Dog Gone Blasting can do.

There isn’t a surface that we can’t work on. Our company offers an eco-friendly solution for a high pressured power washer in Springfield Missouri using both wet and dry media for a wide variety of surfaces.

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