Preparing Your Project For Dustless Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

Preparing Your Vehicle For Dustless Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

Preparing Your Vehicle For Dustless Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

Dog Gone Blasting is a versatile tool for paint stripping and deep cleaning vehicles for surface preparation. Just about everything is either painted, rusted, or dirty, and eventually requires powerful surface preparation if you want to maintain it properly. When it comes time for dustless sandblasting in Nixa Missouri, do you know all the steps that are involved in preparing for your next automotive restoration project?

Obtaining Your Quote

We rarely price dustless sandblasting vehicle projects with a flat rate since every vehicle can be different. We generally quote an hourly rate for our services due to the varying degrees of detail that is required for vehicle prep, containment of the blasting materials, as well as other factors.

We can give you a ballpark estimate if you send us pictures via email or text of the vehicle to be blasted. However, we will also need to inquire about:

Is the vehicle “blast ready”? This means is there any chrome, glass, plastic trim, fiberglass, or upholstery that needs to be removed or protected?

Where will the dustless sandblasting project be done? Setting up a containment area takes time and resources.

What are the areas that need to be blasted? Just blasting the outside of a vehicle is much different than also including underneath the hood, inside of doors, trunk areas, firewall, wheel wells, etc.

Do you want all the body filler on the panels removed? Some people actually choose not to remove it.

Who will be doing the clean up work? We can provide that service, but generally the customer does that using an air hose and shop vac.

Is there a place on site to dispose of spent media? Spent media would not need to be recovered if done in a gravel area.

Knowing the answers to all of these questions will allow us to provide you with a more accurate quote.

Understanding The Dustless Blasting Process

Knowing more about the area where we will be stripping the vehicle will be pertinent. It allows us to assess the surrounding area and will help us determine if it will be feasible for us to blast. Our mobile dustless blasting process will be loud (around 115 decibels) and although the water suppresses most of the media from becoming airborne, there will be a substantial amount of spent media in around a 15 foot radius of the dustless blasting site. Most homes with driveways and RV pads are good potential dustless blasting sites.

Preparing For Dustless Blasting

When we arrive, it would be most cost effective for the customer if we can just set up and start our mobile dustless blasting process. We can perform any additional prep work that is necessary for an additional fee for such things as protecting glass and chrome. This process includes using heavy 6 mil plastic and heavy duty duct tape to protect those items.

Plastic or a tarp would be used inside the vehicle if the interior pieces have been removed to keep that area as clean as possible. Plastic or a large tarp can also be placed under the vehicle to catch most of the media that ricochets off the body and onto the ground.

Revealing The Blast Surface

Every mobile dustless blasting project is different until the unknown is uncovered underneath the top layer of paint. Because of this, the time required to complete a dustless sandblasting project can vary drastically. Nearly all cars will be completed in one day, however there is always the chance with an older car, that we run into a vehicle with an excessive amount of body filler, heavy rust, and multiple layers of paint that takes more time to complete.

Clean Up After The Blasting Is Complete

Once the blasting process has been completed, a complete wash down of the vehicle will be done with water that contains a rust inhibitor. This will allow a 48-72 hour window before primer needs to be applied for optimal results. This window of time can vary depending on how the vehicle is stored. It is recommended that the vehicle be stored inside in a dry environment.

If we blast the inside of the vehicle, as well as the trunk space or the engine compartment, it is usually done dry. We do this because these areas rarely warp due to the nature of the steel in these areas. More importantly, it’s much easier to clean dry abrasive out of these areas than it is for wet abrasives. Detailing or clean up of these areas, is usually done by the customer to save on cost. Compressed air and a shop vac are the perfect tools for the job.

Mobile dustless blasting from Dog Gone Blasting cleans the surface, leaving your vehicle free of contaminates and soluble salts that cause can cause flash rust. This makes it the perfect method of paint stripping for automotive restoration projects. Call us today to learn more about dustless blasting and determine if it’s the best solution for your next surface preparation project.

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