Outdoor Patio Furniture Paint and Rust Removal in Springfield Missouri

Outdoor Patio Furniture Paint and Rust Removal in Springfield Missouri

Outdoor Patio Furniture Paint and Rust Removal in Springfield Missouri

If you’ve been poking around on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you might have found some really cool vintage cast iron or metal patio furniture that’s a great deal, but needs some work. You might dream about tackling that type of project, but were held back by the thought of how troublesome it would be to clean up and refinish on your own.

Or maybe you already own a nice set of metal patio furniture or an iron bench that has been through the harmful rays of the sun, rain, ice and snow for several years. It may not look the greatest, but still has plenty of life left in it and you’d hate to get rid of it.

When you are ready to refinish your metal outdoor patio furniture, it is very important that you start in the correct manner for paint and rust removal in Springfield Missouri.

You need to get down to bare metal without damaging your outdoor patio furniture. Done improperly, you could accidentally cause pitting of the metal from using dangerous and damaging chemicals. This could also lead to these caustic materials leaking out of drain holes of the outdoor patio furniture later on.

Dog Gone Blasting serves all of Southwest Missouri. We can help people refinish their outdoor metal patio furniture to look as good as new.

Getting Down To The Basics

The first step to properly refinishing metal patio furniture is to start with a professional abrasive blasting service for surface preparation.

If you have been online and searched for “How To Refinish Metal Patio Furniture”, you will find many articles on how to get that type of project done. Most of those articles suggest labor intensive DIY methods like wire brushing the paint, powerwashing, sanding down the metal, treating the rust, chemical strippers and using caustic products to clean the metal.

You can spend your hard earned money on scrapers and toxic chemicals. Then you can spend the time to do the job. And don’t forget all the clean up. There’s a reason people avoid tackling this type of job. Especially for surfaces with a lot of nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

You will not get the smooth results for paint and rust removal that Dog Gone Blasting can give you with our mobile dustless media abrasive blasting. The better the surface preparation, the better and longer the paint will adhere to the surface of the metal.

For smaller items that can easily be loaded up, Dog Gone Blasting is now offering pick up and delivery services. Let us take your outdoor patio furniture back to our shop for surface preparation and we will bring it back ready to refinish.

Call us today to learn more about our pricing for mobile dustless blasting to determine if it’s the best solution for your next outdoor patio furniture surface preparation project. Let us do all the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

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