Municipal Maintenance – Graffiti Removal in Springfield Missouri

Municipal Maintenance

Municipal Maintenance - Graffiti Removal in Springfield Missouri

Municipal maintenance departments across the Ozarks are turning away from conventional paint removal and sandblasting methods and switching to Dog Gone Blasting for their mobile surface preparation needs. Our dustless blasting technology makes formerly labor-intensive tasks fast and easy. Not only will it improve the appearance, but it will improve safety for your employees and residents. We can restore your public buildings, parking garages, municipal properties or any other mobile blasting needs.

Dog Gone Blasting provides the safest, quickest and most cost-effective method of removing any substance from any surface. Some examples of the work that can be done include:

  • Removing rust from playgrounds, industrial equipment, or any other surface.
  • Graffiti Removal from walls, playgrounds or any other surface.
  • Removing line striping from parking lots.
  • Cleaning statues and monuments.
  • Paint stripping from fire hydrants, street lights and railings.

Municipal maintenance projects can be outsourced to Dog Gone Blasting as a cost-effective solution. We can remove virtually any substance from virtually any surface in any park, rest area, public building, or any other government owned property in the surrounding cities of the Ozarks.

Other companies blast with materials like soda ash or sand. These materials can not only damage the hard surface being blasted, but the airborne particles they leave behind can also pose a public health risk to the citizens in the area. Dog Gone Blasting uses 100% recycled glass beads that can blast virtually any hard surface without causing damage.

Graffiti damage to public property is frustrating and can harm the image of your municipality. At Dog Gone Blasting, we specialize in graffiti removal from wood, brick, concrete or metal. Whether the graffiti is on the exterior or interior of the building, we can quickly and effectively eliminate that eye-sore and restore your image.

Due to the water component of our mobile dustless blasting technology, airborne dust particles are eliminated allowing our graffiti removal in Springfield Missouri to be performed during normal business hours.


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