Mobile Dustless Blasting Vs Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

Mobile Dustless Blasting Vs Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

Mobile Dustless Blasting Vs Sandblasting In Nixa Missouri

The mobile dustless blasting system used by Dog Gone Blasting, which is sometimes referred to as wet blasting or vapor blasting, has grown in popularity as a newer blasting technology. It is a superior solution for many traditional sandblasting applications, but like any form of surface preparation, it has both pros and cons. By outlining the benefits and drawbacks of mobile dustless blasting vs traditional sandblasting in Nixa Missouri, you can determine which technique will be the best fit for your surface preparation needs.

Let’s start with the traditional sandblasting disadvantages:

Health Hazard

Dry blasting will release a fine abrasive dust that can cause harm to the person blasting as well as to a local dust sensitive area, with adjacent parties working in the same area. These issues can be resolved with the use of respiratory protective equipment, exclusion zones and encapsulation/containment areas.

Static Explosion Risk

Static build up during the dry abrasive blasting process can create hot sparks which can cause an explosion or fire in flammable environments. However, these issues can be managed with gas detectors and equipment shutdown.

Here are the traditional sandblasting advantages:


Dry blasting requires less equipment and preparation, and can be conducted in a wide range of locations. If dust is a concern, containment and extraction can be done with the use of a building to blast in. Other suitable encapsulation can be considered.


Stripping old coatings, mill scale, corrosion and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Dry blasting is an extremely efficient way to do the job. The resulting debris can be much easier to remove the waste.


Dry blasting is comparatively less costly, due to not involving additional equipment or the containment and disposal of the water and the wet waste.

While mobile dustless blasting is generally considered to be superior technology to traditional sandblasting, there are some disadvantages:

Higher Costs

Our superior technology comes with additional equipment required to do the job, including water pumping, mixing, drainage as well as containment, and these can increase the costs of mobile dustless blasting.

Flash Rusting

Exposure to water and oxygen from our mobile dustless blasting procedure will increase the speed at which metal surfaces will corrode. The surface must be dried quickly and sufficiently to avoid this. We offer a complete wash down of the vehicle with water that contains a rust inhibitor. This will allow a 48-72 hour window before primer needs to be applied for optimal results.

Wet Waste

The water from mobile dustless blasting has to go somewhere, as well as the wet media. This waste can be heavier and much more difficult to remove from cracks and crevices, than a dry equivalent.

In spite of these issues, the positives of mobile dustless blasting far outweigh the negatives. Here are the main advantages to mobile dustless blasting:

No Static Charges

Traditional dry abrasive sandblasting can cause sparking, which can cause fires when flammable gasses are present. Mobile dustless blasting does not completely remove sparks, however it does create a cold spark, essentially removing the static which would reduce the risk of explosion.


With our mobile dustless blasting system, we strip and clean at the same time. The negates the separate rinsing process to remove the media residue and soluble salts after our process is complete.

Dust Reduction

The use of water mixed with the abrasive, reduces the amount of dust produced. It is the key advantage of mobile dustless blasting. It protects any adjacent workers or other nearby machinery from fine abrasive airborne particles.

Hydrostatic Forces

By mixing water with the blasting material, you have more mass at the point of impact. So less abrasive material and less pressure is needed to complete the job at hand. It also provides a suitable feathered edge for the new coating to grab on to.

The mobile dustless blasting system used by Dog Gone Blasting is generally the best option for most surface preparation applications. Call us today to learn more about mobile dustless blasting and determine if it’s the best solution for your next surface preparation project.

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