Commercial Customers – Paint Stripper in Springfield Missouri

Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers - Paint Stripper in Springfield Missouri

Dog Gone Blasting's commercial services can help improve the appearance and functionality of your business. Dog Gone Blasting uses 100% recycled glass as our blasting media and we can blast any hard surface to remove unwanted oil, rust, and paint or any other kind of stains with no damage whatsoever to the hard surface. We will get in and out quickly and efficiently eliminating the need for you to shut down your business or operating plant while we are working.

Most commercial operations have to close down in order to have an area treated due to other companies using sandblasting or the use of soda ash as their blasting media. These processes can damage the surface and pose a public health risk to customers and the workers themselves. Soda ash can kill plants and grass and often causes problems with paint adhesion. Sandblasting creates heat that can permanently change the surface and emits airborne dust particles that can cause a safety hazard.

Dog Gone Blasting can work on projects in public places during regular working hours with absolutely no threat to human health. Due to the water component of this technology, our dustless blasting paint stripper in Springfield Missouri can remove unwanted substances quickly and efficiently without creating potentially harmful airborne dust particles.

Our most popular commercial services include work for Realtors, Fleet Vehicles, Municipal and Industrial. If there's anything else you ever need help with, just ask.

Commercial Maintenance with Dustless Blasting

Beyond general building restoration, dustless sandblasting is also beneficial to many other commercial property projects. For example, painting over old parking lot stripes can result in a sloppy finish and eventually lead to excessive paint chipping. However, blasting off the old coat of paint first will ensure there is no peeling or debris under the new, freshly-painted parking lot stripes.

Whatever the project, Dog Gone Blasting values your goals and will exceed your expectations.

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