Automotive Rust Removal in Springfield Missouri


Automotive Rust Removal in Springfield Missouri
Dog Gone Blasting provides inner and outer automotive high pressure cleaning services that give your car a completely new makeover. If the external body surface of your car is worn out and disfigured because of rust and other external factors, then you have come to the right place for automotive rust removal in Springfield Missouri.

Dog Gone Blasting is committed to providing the best quality service at affordable prices. We take absolute care of your car. While treating the disfigured external body surfaces, we ensure that no harm is being done to your car's engine and other internal parts.

We offer our automotive stripping service for all types of cars and commit ourselves to complete the tasks thoroughly and faster than you ever thought possible.

Our automotive surface preparation services include tasks like stripping the seam sealer, light bondo, undercoating, rust, dirt and paint in an entirely non-destructive way. The various components that we normally strip from your car are mainly the following areas:

  • Engine blocks
  • Entire body shells
  • Cylinder heads
  • Oil and gas tanks

Since clean up with our dustless blasting system is easy (unlike sandblasting or regular media blasting), power stripping can be done at your site. We assure you total removal of rust from your car body with eco-friendly media, helping eliminate the possibility of any further rust formation arising again.

Before any work is done, we will thoroughly inspect the condition of your car. On the basis of this inspection, we will determine the appropriate steps to fixing the problem.

Your vehicle will be completely transformed in the appearance of the external body surface. Our process frees it from all defective parts so that it can provide you an amazing driving experience. Our sole objective is to maximize your satisfaction.

No matter whether we strip a single or multiple car parts, we always give serious attention to all tasks as we greatly value our reputation. Prepare to be impressed with what our equipment can do to transform your car and the service you receive.

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