Anti-Fouling Marine Paint Removal At Table Rock Lake

Antifouling Marine Paint Removal At Table Rock Lake

Antifouling Marine Paint Removal At Table Rock Lake

For many of us, the idea of owning a boat brings to mind relaxing on the lake in a cove swimming and floating around on a raft. Others dream of speeding across the lake skiing, tubing and having a really awesome day in their own boat.

However, as much fun as owning a boat can be, it also requires regular maintenance. Unfortunately for boat owners, antifouling paint doesn’t last forever. Dog Gone Blasting provides an ecological solution for boat bottom marine paint removal at Table Rock Lake.

With our mobile dustless blasting system, we are able to come to wherever your boat is stored. We use eco-friendly recycled crushed glass media, which is combined with water for our dustless blasting system. By using a lower PSI, our dustless blast pressure can be adjusted to safely remove antifouling paint from the hull of a fiberglass boat without damaging the gel coat, wood or whatever material the boat is made of.

Removing old antifouling bottom paint can be a daunting task with back breaking sanding and grinding. Dog Gone Blasting makes the process simple, saving time and money no matter what substrate or coating. We have never found a coating that Dog Gone Blasting couldn’t handle and remove.

From simple paints to fusion bonded epoxies. Thermoplastic to thick non-skid materials can also be removed. Our mobile dustless blasting system completely removes paint, rust and chloride, leaving a perfect paint ready surface. It also prevents flash rust for up to 72 hours on metal boats.

With our mobile dustless blasting unit, we are able to access boat yards within the interior lakes of the Greater Ozarks area. Our mobile dustless blasting system allows us to work along side other individuals and boats without disturbing the safety of the area. Dust and contaminants get grounded by the water. Containing blasting byproducts is much easier with dustless blasting, so there is no need for complex and expensive containment.

The boat owner gets their boat back in the water faster, with a superior hull cleaning. There’s much less work involved and the job is completed to your satisfaction at an affordable price. Everyone wins. Call us today to learn more about mobile dustless blasting and determine if it’s the best solution for your next marine paint removal project.

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