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Dog Gone Blasting

The Ozarks Premier Mobile Dustless Blasting Company

Welcome to Dog Gone Blasting

The Ozarks Premier Mobile Dustless Blasting Company

Dog Gone Blasting uses the latest in environmentally friendly mobile dustless blasting technology to remove virtually any coating from any material, leaving a perfectly clean and undamaged surface ready for finishing. Automotive, Marine, Residential and Commercial blasting can all be done on site, the right way.

Dustless Blasting is the fastest and easiest way to prep and restore any surface. It’s effective on both hard and softer surfaces. Dog Gone Blasting uses a wet abrasive blasting method that eliminates over 90% of the dust associated with traditional sandblasting. Our preferred and most used media is recycled glass.

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Rick S.

We had a customer at Rick’s Auto Body who really needed to get things done in a hurry. Dog Gone Blasting was very friendly and really helpful. I would highly recommend them for your mobile media blasting needs.

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David A.

Our boat was really in need of some TLC. Bottom paint had been there too long. Dog Gone Blasting showed up on time, gave us a fair price and did all the dirty work. Worth every penny spent! Will definitely do business with them again.

Our Specialization

Dustless Blasting uses one third of the media normally used with traditional blasting methods with no residual left behind and it uses less than 15 gallons of water per hour. Dog Gone Blasting offers a non-sparking blast method which allows neighboring contractor activity.


Dustless Blasting eliminates air and water quality issues and is perfect for restoring all types of surfaces including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and much more. With Dog Gone Blasting, there is no more sanding or grinding. We can blast clean any surface in no time at all.


Staying ahead of the competition is important in any industry. That is why the staff at Dog Gone Blasting never stops learning with courses, certificates and research. We want to make sure that our clients can depend on us to be up to speed on any new developments in our industry.


When we are done, there will be no more dog gone paint, rust or stains. Just a clean surface that is ready for your finish application.

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